Month: July 2007

The Alternative to The Unfinished Baby Book

Moms seem to fall into two categories: Those who never finished their baby books, and those who are like, "what baby book?" At this point, I’m falling into both categories, one for each child. Mea culpa!

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Flights of Fancy

Sometimes I come across one-of-a-kind artwork that’s just so wow, I’m almost tempted not to share it here. Because if you like it before I get around to clicking "add to my cart," I lose.

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Dream Dolls

If I were a designer, I would create excellent dolls that looked like turkey on rye. But thank goodness designer Esther Schuivens is Esther Schuivens, and her line of fabulous Esthex softies are inspired by a non-sandwich cast of characters.

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Babies That Actually Sleep Like Babies

After receiving a sample of the Cozy Cocoon, I admit I was skeptical. A single piece of fabric that you just stick your baby in, like a sock? It can’t be that simple to swaddle, can it?

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Who Doesn’t Like Jimmies?

God love the Wonderpets soundtrack, but I’m just about one long car ride away from "accidentally" cracking the CD in half. So on a recent trip, I was happy to have another CD on hand to try out: The premier album from NY-based kids band, The Jimmies, Make Your Own Someday: Silly Songs for the Shorter Set.

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Stuck on Stickers

My daughter has officially reached that very important developmental milestone known as the sticker age. If it’s got an adhesive back, then to her it’s the single greatest thing since ice cream–Scotch tape included.

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The Itsy Bitsy Yet Totally Stylish and Even a Little Avant-Garde Spider

I am all for spending a little more on an article of kid’s clothing if it’s gorgeous, well made, good for multiple uses, and particularly if it’s supporting a small business. And now that I have a second daughter, I’ve got a new trick: Just look at any price and divide it in half – 50% for each child. Isn’t justification wonderful?

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The Grand Canyon: Not Just a Big Hole in the Ground

I’m an old-fashioned kind of mom. You won’t find tubes of yogurt in my refrigerator, licensed characters on my kids’ sheets, or a portable DVD player in my car. I don’t care whether we’re driving five miles or flying five hundred miles – Dora is not my co-pilot.

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Merit Badges for Diaper Changing? Right On.

The one drawback to Mother’s Day is that it gives some people the idea that you only need to be thanked, rewarded, and otherwise showered with praise one day a year. Beg to differ. We (I) need all the gratuitous "good job" and "you’re pretty" type accolades we (I) can get.

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That’s Mr. Posh Spice To You

As our nation’s kids head back to school–and soccer practice–with visions of bending it like the newly green carded David Beckham, I say get them a little gear to go with the aspirations.

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