Month: July 2007

Once in a Blue Moon, Farts Aren’t Funny

If you had a cranky, gassy baby like my daughter, then you know how terribly frustrating it can be. And while there’s no shortage of products to help relieve bloated bellies, not all of them work for every baby.

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Sucking It

Straws just make everything taste better. You could probably blend up a shake for your kids, the ingredients of which are straight out of an episode of Fear Factor, and they’d drink it if it had a straw in it.

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Rockin the ‘garten

It’s an understatement to say that my daughter is thrilled about her first day of kindergarten. She’s already selected her outfit and has been mulling over backpacks. But she also has a gazillion questions

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The Many Colors of Babies

As a bi-racial woman raising a multi-racial child in a homogenous suburban neighborhood, it’s challenging to provide my daughter with a wide range of cultural experiences. In plain speak: All the kids are white!

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Mally Bibs: The closest I’ll ever get to making my own

We’ve reached the world of solid foods at my household. And you know what that means, right? Piles of dirty, nasty bibs.

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Love Bug

I used to chuckle when all my friends with little boys would complain about the clothes offerings. Little did I know, I’d be chiming in with my own disgruntlement with the lack of anything other than crossed hockey sticks and little toy trains.

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An Heirloom Minus the Mothball Smell

Who doesn’t love those high-quality, family heirloom baby clothes that were skillfully hand-made by Great-Great-Grandmama after which they were preserved and passed down through the generations?

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Those Who Skipped the Changing Table, Raise Your Hand

With my daughter, I invested in a handy dandy changing table that I used all of four times. I strongly suggest you use a dresser top and a changing pad…or like I did, maybe just your bed. Then all you need is a cute little diaper caddy to hold the essentials.

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Surviving Those Nine Long Margarita-Free Months

When I first cracked the cover of The Newly Non-Drinking Girl’s Guide to Pregnancy: Advice and Support for Surviving 40 Weeks without a Cosmopolitan I was wary. "Surviving" without a Cosmopolitan? Isn’t that overstating the case a wee bit?

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