Month: August 2007

What’s Pink and Blue and Green All Over?

Having recently addressed far too many baby announcements, it’s a little disconcerting to think of the percentage that will end in the trash soon after delivery. Not just because of the cost to me, but the cost to the environment. I think like 36 trees must have given their lives so my grandmother could show off the baby to her friends.

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Making Batter-Licking A Bit More Accessible

I am definitely no domestic goddess, so when I’m in the kitchen, I need both eyes on what I’m doing. Now stick my daughter in there with me, standing precariously on a kitchen chair so she can "help" and neither she nor my lasagna are entirely safe.

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Midnight Rider

Now that my daughter has mastered the fine art of bike riding (at least on the downhills), there’s no way she’s going to let the progressively earlier sunsets cramp her freewheeling style.

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Once Upon a Mattress

While I spent way too much time searching for the perfect baby bedding, when it came to the cribmattress, I pretty much just closed my eyes and pointed.

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You Know You’ve Made It When Your Picture’s On a Lunch Box

So here’s a trick: Put a photo of yourself on your child’s lunchbox before sending her off to school. She’ll be more likely to eat those carrot sticks you packed instead of trying to trade them for Ho-Hos, what with you standing over her like that.

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As Organic As Every Single Food You Put In Their Bodies (Of Course)

There seems to be two kinds of bibs out there – the cute ones you put on the kids for company but that leaves most of their clothes exposed, and the full body armor you haul out for spaghetti night. We’ve finally found something perfectly in between.

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Now That’s a Happy Baby

Here’s a hint that I’ve learned: If you are online shopping for a swaddling blanket and the photos don’t show the babies smiling or at least sleeping peacefully, slowly back away from the laptop.

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Snarking on that Pregnancy Book You Hated Could Land You a Cool Grand

We love Alpha Mom and we’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. Owner/mom Isabel Kallman has created a smart, informative website featuring columns from the best bloggers in town, along with extremely helpful videos, a great baby name guide, and other helpful resources for parents.

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So Which Color Gets Them to Pick Up Their Toys?

I remember reading somewhere that color has such impact on behavior and mood, that babies in yellow nurseries actually cry more than babies in blue nurseries. So guess who has a yellow nursery? Hello.

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