Month: August 2007

Looking Smart

I admit to being a bit skeptical when it comes to all these baby products that promote early learning. Is it really necessary to label a baby spoon and bowl with words and pictures?

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Pregnant and Polished

Like there aren’t enough things you have to give up when you’re pregnant (sushi, Pinot Noir, catcalls from construction workers) now people are getting all waffle-y on nailpolish. Excuse me, but give up my weekend pedicures? Not happening.

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Felt Up

We’ve done our best here at Cool Mom Picks to highlight fantastic alternatives to typical baby hair clips. But what we’ve discovered is that when your kid actually gets enough hair for real accessories, it’s as though the designers just take all the creepy infant hair bows and just make them bigger.

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Chalk This One Up To Good Thinking

In a perfect world, every restaurant would offer crayons and a paper placemat to keep toddlers’ attention away from the shiny, pretty knives. Or alternately, I’d remember to bring some myself to keep from having to let my daughter scribble on my checkbook.

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The Art of Ka-Ching

Back when I was in middle school, I would put scotch tape around my lunch money change and cram it in my front pocket. Today, pre-teens, tweens and teens sport more cash than some island nations do. I say that kind of cold hard cabbage deserves to be wrapped up in some cool art.

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Clutter-free and fab

I remember really hating to pick up my toys as a child, and I can tell you it doesn’t get any better with age. I’m not a lover of the nightly toy excavation, inventory and restocking of blocks, trucks and primary-colored plastic items.

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