Month: August 2007

Legos you don’t want the kids anywhere near

I’ve always liked conversation-piece jewelry. My feeling is you can get a lot more mileage out of one really striking piece than decking yourself out with hundreds of dollars worth of average stuff. So I’m already figuring out excuses to buy myself some of the inspired baubles from JacQueline Sanchez.

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Aren’t Bookends Supposed to Actually Hold the Books Up?

Check my daughter’s wall shelves and you will find her books stacked in impractically haphazard piles. Why? If they tilt even 5 degrees in their upright positions, they knock the bookends over. Um, can you say design flaw?

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Keeping Your Glasses Where You Can Find Them. Even If You’re Not Wearing Your Glasses.

I am guilty of committing gross cruelty to sunglasses. I stick them on my head when they’re not in use, I dump them in my bag without a case, I leave them on the coffee table where my daughter can paw at them with sticky hands.

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No Trees Were Harmed in the Making of This Trite Screenplay Idea

I’m a journal whore. I cannot have enough blank books in every room of my house, just waiting for me to jot down inspired nuggets of brilliance, poetic stanzas, novel starters, effervescent bon mots. Or a shopping list that identifies that that I’m out of Pledge.

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Ode to Joya

I’m not quite sure how having a baby translates into the desire to babify everything you own. Just because I might dress my baby in cute baby-ish patterns doesn’t mean I want them all over my own accessories.

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Pregnant Women Say: Move Over, Saltines.

Yes, I do plan to eat that. And that. And THAT. I’m pregnant and hungry, and I’m also grumpy enough to sit on you if you get between me and my food. Only problem is, I can’t always figure out beforehand what foods are going to taste good–and are good for me and that hungry baby in my tummy.

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The Pampered Pampers-Wearer

When I think of portable changing mats, "plush" isn’t exactly the first word that pops to mind. Perhaps "practical." Or "free with diaper bag." But not so much "plush."

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