Month: August 2007

All Together Now (All Together Now!)

My two year-old daughter’s favorite word this week is together. I can’t complain considering it’s put recent words o’ the week like Dora and fart out of favor. So I imagine she’d love the limited edition "All Together Now" print.

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Nononono…I’M Tiger Woods

Everyone’s favorite Tiger reportedly shot a 48 on a nine-hole course by the ripe old age of two. That seems unbelievably early to me as far as getting the kids swinging, but hey, if you have a budding golf enthusiast (with kabillions in endorsement potential), then we’ve got your gear

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“Who Effed Up The Toys???”

I can’t take credit for the headline – it’s was written by my friend Karen as the subject of an email she sent yesterday, alerting us all to yet another toy recall. I’m ready to just dump anything in the toy chest that wasn’t made by hand out from virgin pine by monks.

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Get In Mah Belly!

Like many dutiful first time mothers, I took pictures of my growing belly (and unfortunately, thighs and butt) every month until I had my daughter. But what exactly are you supposed to do with those photos? And don’t say "screen saver."

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Recommended by Doctor Mom. And Us.

When I met the delightful MD Moms behind the innovative MD Moms line of baby products, I instantly wanted to take them home with me so they could dispense calming pediatric advice even at wee hours of the morning. Okay, and free baby products too.

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Announcements Worthy of the Postage Hike

Baby announcements aren’t really intended to announce the baby, nor are they a solicitation of gifts. Let’s be honest, baby announcements are meant solely to knock the socks off your friends and family.

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Baby Art That the Baby Can Actually Appreciate

The trouble with baby art is that it’s generally not for the baby. Sorry kiddos, we love you, but you have hopelessly pathetic eyesight. Those sweet pastels? More for us than for you.

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There’s More to Spanish Than “Vamanos, Dora!”

I’m proud to say I speak Spanish. I’m not fluent or anything, but I can handle basic conversations. OK, OK, I’ll admit it: All the Spanish I know I learned from episodes of Sesame Street. But I can count to veinte quite convincingly and order a Corona.

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