Month: September 2007

Here Kid, Fix My Hem

Crafty parents – we know you’re out there with your embroidery floss and glue guns, waiting for the day that your kids will be old enough to start crafting alongside you. In the meantime, Nico and Zoe has the perfect little project to introduce your child to needlework.

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Chic Organic Maternitywear. For Real.

Only once in my life have I encountered a woman who told me, "I can’t wait to get pregnant because the maternity clothes are like SOOOO CUTE!" I think she was high.

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A Pillow to Keep the Tooth Fairy Coming Back

I willingly admit I’m a tooth fairy pillow hatah. I hate them. Haaaate them. I think they’re stupid and sentimental, and good God, what is wrong with sneaking in and slipping the stupid quarter under your kid’s pillow like our parents did for us anyway?

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Give Me Clarity

No matter how many electronic organizers they come up with, I’m still a pen and paper kind of girl. We’ve pointed out a few great multi-schedule organizers for moms, and now we’ve found another we’re liking a lot.

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Pearls, Schmearls

It’s not everyone who can pull off a single strand of choker-length pearls. Maybe the hoity-toity fashion editors of the world disagree (and I’ve seen them say as much) but without that neat little bob and the Connecticut zip code to match, you might prefer something a little more shiny.

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Eh, Counting Sheep is PassÈ

I love the idea of hanging a cool alphabet or counting series along the walls in my daughter’s room, but alas I have a bit of a wall space challenge. As in we don’t have any.

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I Like Smooth Butts and I Cannot Lie

Leave it to a company named Least Likely 2 Breed to come up with a natural and very catchy solution for diaper rash. Hilarious mom and founder Leigh Stevens’ travel tin of Bad Ass Booty Balm has become a permanent fixture in my diaper bag. And not just because it’s fun to pull it out in public and wave it around.

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More Toys Not Deemed Hazardous to Your Health

On a recent trek through a big box store, I noticed that even the Lincoln Logs were made in China. Not sure how Lincoln would feel about that, but I certainly know how I feel about it.

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Don’t You Know That Your Tie’s Too Wide?

Want a kid’s tee with an ironic hipster slogan on it? I’ve got a few ideas if you’ve got all day. So how happy was I to find a totally fresh take on pint-size hipster fashion via Canadian Rock & Rattle boutique.

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