Month: September 2007

Me and My Shadow

I like to think I’ve got some cool tricks up my sleeves for rainy days. But I’m still open to adding to my repertoire.Take these adorable shadow puppets from Owly Shadow Puppets.

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Sweet Tea

I’m always intrigued by Asian art traditions, not only because my mother is Chinese, but because, let’s face it — the stuff is absolutely gorgeous. And this hand-dyed baby kimono from Itty Bitty Lady Bug is no exception.

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Dolls Made in Not China

As I sit here, gazing at my four month-old as she sucks the end of a silver rattle, I know I’m doing the right thing in limiting the mass-produced plastic garbage that enters our house. And enters her hands. And thus, enters her mouth. My latest focus: Dolls.

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The Bird is on the Wing. And the Ceiling.

Considering a mobile is essentially the centerpiece of your nursery, parents might consider putting as much thought into it as the bedding. But alas, most people just settle for the lame mass-produced mobiles that the big baby stores merchandise along with the cribs.

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Motherhood is a Beautiful Thing (After That Whole Labor Ordeal)

I was never a fan of sentimental jewelry but now, look what you’ve done to me, motherhood! Suddenly anything that reminds me of my kids has entered the consideration set.

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For the Princess Whose Poop Don’t Stink

There is certainly more frivolous girlie-girl, princessy, pink, ridiculous kidswear out there than you know. And actually, you don’t want to know.

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