Longing For the Days When We Wondered What the # Button Was For

I still remember my childhood fascination with our old rotary phone. I mean, they looked pretty cool and you could crush a coconut with it, although it did take way to long to dial a freaking phone number. But boy did they make really fun toddler toys.

I admit a pang of nostalgia when I saw this old Fisher-Price phone from long ago. No, I wasn’t digging through consignment shops and garage sales, but perusing the pages of Warm Biscuit, a vintage kid decor shop that just so happens to carry some oldies-but-goodies. (And yep, it’s made in China, but Fisher-Price has been quite vigilant about their manufacturing.)

If you’re looking for a handcrafted wooden alternative, check out the sweet version from Estia, found at parent-owned toy shop Kangarooboo. While it may not be the bright rainbow toy of your youth, this phone still has the ever important turning dial – that will make kids of today ask what the heck it is anyway.

Either way, they’re each a great change from the loud, singing touchtone toy phones my kids seem to collect. And absolutely no batteries required. -Kristen

Use code CMP for 5% off your order at Kangarooboo.

Sweet! Jerri won her own Chatter phone.

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