“Just One More Book,” Definitely Preferable to “Just One More Cookie”

My three-year-old daughter (the little angel) has entirely too many dumb books, which is killing me softly, because why waste time on dumb books ever in your life?

My problem: Only children’s boutique bookstores have the right level of selection, and libraries can be so chaotic. Proper research takes time, and I don’t have any time, except…when I’m commuting.

Just One More Book is a site full of podcasts about children’s books. How smart! Why didn’t I think of that? The site is organized very well and the first podcast I listened to was number 317. I can’t believe we don’t all already know about this.

The sound quality was very good – much better than I would’ve expected, though I don’t know why. The author interviews flowed like something off NPR. The discussions of children’s books sound like a conversation with mommy friends, especially mommy friends from Canada (you’ll see). And the fact that I have yet to find one book that uses the banal phrase, "the noble unicorn" bodes well for me.

Now I just have to finally figure out how to download podcasts properly to my iPod. – Rita, CMP’s newest writer who we still can’t believe said yes.

[photo via dinerdog@flickr

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