A Mei Tai to Dai For

As an experienced baby-wearer, I have gone through a number of carriers trying to find one that is "just right." I have given up the ease and convenience of Famous Mass-Produced Carrier in favor of my daughter’s obvious preference, the more comfortable, soft Mei-Tai styled one.

But all that was before I met my soulmate of carriers, the Baby Bisou. This is a soft but structured design with a 100% cotton body and shoulder straps. The adjustable clasps on the waist and sides allow for a secure carry, either on your front or your back. I even adjusted it so that I could nurse in it.

it comes in loads of beautiful prints and even has a reversible plain side so dada won’t feel like a girlie man wearing it. And if all that isn’t enough to make you feel great about buying one, Baby Bisou donates 10% of all profits to charities for children. That’s what I call "just right." –Tina

Congratulations to Baby Bisou winner Sarah K!

Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.

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