The Glass Sipper

We’re always looking out for safer, non-leaching plastic baby bottle alternatives, like the ones from Green to Grow and my own baby’s choice, Adiri.  But I know that some moms are like Ack, plastic! Plastic is the devil! Plastic will come to earth, eat our brains and kill us all! And hey, they may be right.

Even so, I’m a bit reluctant to make the leap to glass. You know, it being glass and all. Until I got a load of the Wee-Go bottles from Go Baby Life. First off, they’re gorgeous, right? I would feed my baby six at once just to get to look at that beautiful rainbow of colors. But truly, they’re safe. While the bottles are made of glass, the non-toxic, plastic-free sleeve will protect it from the inevitable tumble from the high chair or diaper bag. And it’s cool in the dishwasher for when nameless crud junks up those pretty little rings. Because you know it will.

Ah, beauty. Sometimes it’s only silicone deep. -Liz

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