Oh how I love kimonos on little babies. Just love them. While I’m excited that my eleven month-old is waving and clapping and saying YAH YAH YAH (seriously, does that count as a word?) I am sad that she’s moving past that age where I can just stick her in a kimono onesie and call it an outfit.

My faves are easily the breezy, flowy, spectacularly gorgeous cotton kimono one-pieces from Lucky Wang. It’s nearly impossible to choose among so many yummy fabrics in very wearable color combos. But don’t be deceived by the beauty – we just toss ours in the washer and dryer like anything else. Plus it’s such an easy way for the baby to look "dressed" for company when really, I put no thought into it at all.

I figure it’s not the end of the world when she outgrows hers. We’ll just move onto the kimono tops over karate pants. Lucky indeed. –Liz