A Father’s Day Gift for the Resident Oenophile

Mother’s Day is hardly behind before we scramble for Father’s Day gift ideas and I’m loving the idea of personalized wines from the aptly named PersonalWine.com.

Forget the foo-foo curliecue wedding style labels and go for a design that’s bold and manly, with personalization to match. Like MIKE’S JUG O’ HOOCH. Or BIG DOUG’S VERY BIG CAB on a nice Rutherford Napa for $169 a bottle. (Don’t worry, plenty of options are cheaper than that.)

You can also go sentimental by uploading your own family photo on a sparkling wine label personalized with something like Anthony’s 2008 Father’s Day Private Reserve. Then give him the time and space to enjoy it. –Liz

Click here for a list of states that allow wine delivery. There are still a few who are all nooooo, we don’t want you  getting any liquor here. Yeah you, Utah.  

[thanks stacey!] 

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