Small apartment solution: Hang the stroller. Duh.

Thank you StrollAway, oh thank you so much for preserving the precious commodity that is our floor space. I just don’t have room for strollers cluttering up my entranceway – that honor would be reserved for kids shoes, small toys, and the sigOth’s many jackets – and now I have a better option.

It’s a pretty basic idea: A sturdy steel over-the-door hanger to store your wheels off the ground and out of the way. It’s so thoughtfully designed that it works with really any stroller at all, and the hooks even flip open flush to the door when they’re not being used. Mom Mary Ann Schwanewede hit a home run with this one.

I would get one for each stroller we have; if only we had more closets. –Liz  

Congratulations to StrollAway winner, Laura R!

Cool Mom Staff

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