High Tea, Hold the Snootiness

i-544b8a7422745cd2d86bfa3fc61e6190-hammocks-thumb-200x150.jpgI’ve come to look forward to my daily afternoon tea (timed ever so carefully to coincide with my kids’ daily breakdown). So it’s no surprise that when I saw the eco-friendly tea towels from Hammocks and High Tea, my interest was piqued.  

Combining organic cotton and solvent free inks, Brooklyn artist Karen Young has infused her modern sensibility with a love of tropical design. The tea towels, like the Parrot Cove design in particular, feature bright cheerful patterns that dispel the image of a stuffy Victorian ritual.

Grab a few for when you need the perfect hostess gift. I’m betting she’ll love these towels whether she’s an Earl Grey lover or a Southern sweet tea connoisseur. -Kristen

Congratulations to tea towel winners Jennifer W and Kristen S!

Cool Mom Staff

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