Yummi Glass: Fragile. (Must be Italian.)

i-b97b03d19b46d94323279e912735650c-Circle-thumb-200x231.jpgI’ve had my eye on the lovely, timeless glass jewelry from artist Allison Overbeke since I first found her showing her beautiful work at Bendel’s. (See how cool I am that I just shorten it to Bendel’s?)

Her company is aptly named Yummi Glass and I’m craving one of her delicious Italian hand-blown glass creations to dangle around my neck this summer. A simple glass circle necklace, especially in gold, would look awesome with a tan should I ever get one. But I could also imagine splurging on one of the more elaborate creations like the dragonfly necklace, were I to miraculously become both tan and rich.

In which case, heck, I’ll take one of the faceted rings and a bracelet too. Jewelry all around! –Liz

You are officially an uber-cool mom if you understand the reference in the headline.

Congratulations to Tina B, winner of the glass circle necklace!

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