C-Section Undies: Hot. For Real.


I realize that it took nine months for my body to complete its
baby-making journey, so I really ought to be patient and give it nine
months to recover. Especially after a c-section.  But patience has
never been my strong suit and I want to wear cute undies again. Is that
so much to ask?

Since I’ve moved past the initial healing stage, I’m loving Czela Bellies,
a great intermediary solution before you’re ready for your lacy stuff
again. This cute boy-short style underwear has an ultra-soft waistband
that won’t irritate those still-tender scars. Not only are
Bellies (dare I say it?) sexy, they’re definitely worth wearing long
after you’ve healed. Being in a hurry to get
back to my old self, I’m definitely a fan of the wild and colorful
prints, but they’ve got sensible plain white ones too. 

Psst…If someone wants to send me a bunch
of La Perla thongs for review, I’ll gladly check those out too. Just
give me a few months. –Julie

Congratulations to Czela Bellies winner, Chris C!

Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.

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