How Fast They Grow: Because if it isn’t digital scrapbooking, we’re not scrapbooking

Once upon a time I bought a whole bunch of scrapbooking stuff. Because I was going to scrapbook, darn it. I was. I would find my hidden crafty gene and make memories in book form to cherish for a lifetime! Yeah!

Um, I still have all of those supplies. Unopened. I never made a single page. (Sorry, kids.)

But with the new wave of digital scrapbooking options, I’m thinking I may be able to finally put something together. How Fast They Grow offers a complete digi-scrapbooking service, from page templates and design tools down to archival-quality printing services when you’re ready to turn it into a real book. And I love their new Pincushion templates designed by embroidery maven and designer Aimee Delongchamp. You may recognize her work — she spent over a decade designing for Pottery Barn Kids.

The look of classic embroidery with the ease of digital design? I may just become a scrapper after all. –Mir

Cool Mom Staff

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