My memories of picnicking as a child include my poor
dad struggling to carry a giant plastic cooler weighing approximately
100 pounds to our picnic site.  He’d heave the monstrous beast onto a picnic table and then go sit down to mop the sweat off his brow. Fun start to the day! 

that I have children, I’m determined not to become their pack
mule. Instead of using a huge cooler, we pack things in smaller, easy-to-carry containers and share the load. Built NYC
makes the most amazing neoprene totes in different shapes, sizes and colors to keep cool drinks insulated stylishly and protect glass from breaking..

For my family, the Neoprene Six-Pack Tote is perfect. To
be super eco-friendly, we pack it with Klean Kanteens
or skinny SIGGs instead of disposable bottles then pretend we’re coolest family in the entire park. –Christina

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