Being Dad – Way better than trying to convince him to sit through Lamaze class

There’s no shortage of books and videos and instructional websites out there for momsto-be. But when something is available
specifically for dads, it’s generally absurdly goofy or some very serious
cue-the-after-school-special-music sort of Hey, Dad, you’re a part of this too tripe that no guy I know would actually sit through to save his life.

(You know what I mean, you lurking dads. We know you’re out there – you enter all our CD giveaways.)

Well, the fact remains that most men I know would rather chat
about lawnmowers than their feelings during their
sigOth’s pregnancy, but even the most taciturn are likely to be drawn
in by Being Dad, a new documentary about
dads-to-be. It covers “40 dads, 6 experts, 9 months” in 80 minutes with no touchy-feely over-earnestness. Just normal groups of guys–sometimes humorously–confessing that newborns are a lot messier in person than in the
movies, and that they worried about the baby being okay too.

If that doesn’t pique his interest, be sure to let him know there’s quite a bit of talk about sex too. –Mir

Preorders available now thorugh Being Dad or at Amazon

Congratulations to Being Dad DVD winners Caitlin D, Caroline M, Mary Beth I, Morris C, and Ubooto!

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