BornFree pacifiers go BPA free. Which is a pretty good trait in a pacifier if you ask us.

BornFree is already the go-to source for plenty of moms looking for products safe enough to go into baby’s mouth. They’ve got glass baby bottles, bottles made of BPA-free plastic, and cups free of harmful chemicals — and yesterday they’ve just unveiled their Day and Night Pacifier Duo.

These orthodontic suckers are guaranteed to be 100% free of Bisphenol-A, Phthalates and PVC.

They come in pretty colors, too. Just in case, you know, the whole “safest for baby” thing isn’t enough to win you over. -Mir

Mir Kamin is a prolific writer, the author of the popular blogs Woulda Shoulda and, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech.

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