Baby gifts to support the boobies

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is upon us, and with it, an influx of pitches, press releases and pleas to feature any number of pink ribbon-adorned cr…um, stuff. We’re all for supporting one of the most fantastic causes out there, but if you’re not just going to send a donation flat out to your favorite charity, you should at least be buying something you really, really like anyway.

One idea we’re so glad to have come across: The “Joelle” new baby gift basket from Red Wagon Presents. 15% of the profits are being donated to Light One Little Candle, a small charity that works with hospitals and cancer centers across the country to get patients to read funny, engaging, not-about-cancer books to their children. It was founded by Connecticut mom Joelle Pauport, who died of breast cancer two years ago but wanted to create a legacy on behalf of her four year-old daughter. Warning: It’s a little tough to read about it without getting emotional.

The wicker basket itself is filled with the board books, dolls, and other goodies any new mom would appreciate, along with a candle to honor the organization. But if there’s something else you like at Red Wagon Presents, go for it. Through October 31, 10% of any purchase will be donated to the worthy cause. -Liz

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