Put some more money in the therapy fund

If How to Traumatize Your Children had been available when I remarried, I totally would’ve bought it as a wedding present for my husband. I think it would’ve been a fitting welcome to (step)parenthood for him, and I also plan to give it as a shower gift to every less-than-confident parent-to-be from now on.

Sure, it’s just a little jokey gift book–it is from the Self-Hurt Series, after all. But it’s so much more; a great reminder that we survived all of our parents’ mistakes and our children will survive ours. Probably. With therapy.

The 1950s-style illustrations of various parental atrocities is a nice touch, too. I am totally going to start waving them at my kids when they misbehave, just to show them how good they actually have it. -Mir

Mir Kamin is a prolific writer, the author of the popular blogs Woulda Shoulda and WantNot.net, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech.

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