Colour Lovers: Saving babies from bland nurseries since 2004

When planning my firstborn’s nursery a few years ago, I did what many before me have done: I looked at a dozen uninspiring paint chips in muted shades of yellow, sage and ecru, and even contemplated a “theme.” Eek. If only I had known about Colour Lovers back then.

This interactive, interesting and totally fun website lets you scroll through hundreds of color palettes with often engaging names like A Puddle of Boy, 1950’s or, my favorite, Lucky Bubble Gum (pictured).  Oh, how great these colors would look in a nursery with some mod furniture and a gurgling newborn.

If you don’t see what you like, you can create your own palettes which is a heck of a lot easier (and more comfortable) than trekking to your local paint store. Before going that route, though, check out the super-informative articles and eye-popping photography on the site’s blog. It will have you mentally repainting every room in the house.

Be warned: Colour Lovers is addictive, so plan accordingly. The good news is, it’s also there to keep you company when you are up at 2am with your newborn. -Christina

[via ohdeedoh]

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