An eco-friendly kid’s rocking chair that hits the Spot

Back when I was shopping for nursery furniture, eco-friendly meant the crib wasn’t painted with lead-based paint.

Well looky looky how much has changed in a relatively short period of time.

Today, cribs with “a conscience” are becoming much more readily available from companies like Spot On Square.

CMP introduced this amazing mom and pop operation back in January, and since then they’ve added several more products we’re loving including the gorgeous new Hiya Rocker.

This sleek, extra-wide kiddie rocking chair features a book bin in the back to hold a stylish kid’s favorite page-turner. The MDF is finished with a non-toxic, eco-friendly paint, of course. And because of the clean contemporary design ,and fabulous orange (or basic white) shade, the chair won’t look babyish as your child gets older which gives it an extra long life.

So, I guess the only thing greener than these products is me…with envy. –Betsy, CMP’s coolest new contributor. Welcome Betsy!

Congratulations to Michelle J, lucky winner of the Hiya Rocker!

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    I agree that it’s important to be eco-friendly. The chair that you feature has great simplicity and looks like it can fit in with any decor. Thanks for showing this!

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