Painting without fear. Or formaldehyde.

When I was pregnant, I painted three pieces of furniture out in the cold because I was so freaked out about what the paint fumes could do to the bébé. But when you’re pregnant is precisely when you decide you must paint right now. Fear not, panicked mamas, there’s a solution in Devine Color paint.

These designer colors were created by artist Gretchen Schauffler to be eco-friendly, sustainable, low-odor and low- or no-VOC. No formaldehyde in the vapors! And they go on “like yogurt” – only, not actually like yogurt. More like smooth, premium, no-drip paint.

Nest fearlessly, my friends. -Rita

Rita Arens is the blogger of Surrender Dorothy, Deputy Editor for, the force behind the parenting anthology "Sleep is for the Weak," and a former Cool Mom Picks contributor.

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