If you don’t know Jack. . .

I love receiving a birthday card in the mail, but when it’s my time
to send them out, I usually resort to a hastily typed email. Forgive
me, but taking three kids anywhere near a rack of greeting cards is
just asking for a headache.

I have fewer excuses
now that Jack Cards has appeared on my radar. Started by Boston-based
friends Katherine Santer and Kim Dowds, Jack Cards is like my own
personal card store. From the comfort of home, I can brows cards from designers such as CMP faves Bumble Ink and Binth
without worrying that the children are rearranging the Sympathy
section. Then, I just choose one for each person I’ve entered into
my free account, and Jack Cards will mail them to me a few weeks before
the important date.
Get this: Jack Cards will also address
and stamp the cards for me, so all I have to do is write a personal
note, get them into the mailbox,  then sit back and marvel at how organized I now seem. –Christina

Cool Mom Staff

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