Month: November 2008

Soy to the World: Greener greetings from My Good Greetings

 I have a confession to make: Generally I am terrible when it comes to sending out holiday cards. I always intend on ordering the photo ones, but there have been years when I just don’t get around to it. Well, this year I’ve got another excuse to plan ahead. Why? Because graphic designers Tom and René Bross of My Good Greetings created a greener way to wish friends and family Season’s (and every other kind of) Greetings. Their stylish cards are made from 100% recycled paper and printed with soy-based inks. When I received samples for review I was...

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More words of CMP wisdom at The Momspeak

Want to know CMP editor Kristen’s down and dirty tips on which green products actually get your house clean? Click over to The Momspeak where for the next couple of months, we’re keeping the mom speaky-ness going. You can comment too! In fact, we’d love it if you’d contribute, and then we can talk back, and then you can say something else…Like an actual discussion. Cool how that works, right? (And by the way, if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover that you haven’t seen there yet, email us at and perhaps we can oblige you.) Also thanks to our sponsor Luvs for keeping us…well, in...

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Green Thread Blankets. And they’re not kidding.

It’s not hard finding a handmade baby blanket these days, and we most certainly have our favorites. But one made completely in the USA from organic fibers using decidedly “green” practices? Well, that’s just a bit harder to come by.  Not for Green Thread Shop, however. Take their lovely crib blankets which are made from Texas-grown organic cotton and constructed in San Diego. Totally free of dyes, bleaches, and anything else you wouldn’t really want to wrap your baby in, they feature a cool textured weave making them especially soft. Plus, they’re sized to grow with your kid all the way through toddlerdom,...

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C is for cute, cool, and completely custom soft books for kids

I realize there are 26 letters in the alphabet, but my daughter Quinlan would like to think that there’s only one. Aren’t most kiddos infatuated with “their” letter? So I say let them obsess a little bit more and heck, learn a few other great things that start with the same letter of their name with these fantastic custom cloth books from Ex Libris Handmade. Artist Victoria van der Laan will collaborate with you to create a custom soft book, with either five cool things that start with a single letter, or with a page for with each letter of your kiddo’s name. And one glance at the cool rock...

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Hand sanitizer that smells like a spa, not a distillery

I tote hand sanitizer–referred to in our house as “goo”–pretty much everywhere. I’m not a germaphobe, but we do seem to have recurring interactions with petting zoos and gross gas station restrooms.  I’m not picky about my hand sanitizer brands — I  thought they were all the same. But no, my friends, turns out they are not. Frais hand sanitizer is vegan, cruelty-free, completely recyclable and made using earth-friendly sugarcane alcohol and 100% natural essential oils. And it smells amazing–a blend of scents like tangerine, grapefruit, ginger and lemon myrtle. Seriously, this stuff is awesome. I’m going to be...

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Flying with kids just got easier. Now if only we could each have a row to ourselves.

To be clear, I’m not planning on solo air travel with three children anytime soon. However, I’ve got friends planning vacations (lucky dogs!) and on my recommendation list is the Portable Playtime backpack. This streamlined mom-designed pack allows kids to carry up to 20 toys along with snacks and other goodies with ease. Then once you’re airborne, it transforms into a tray mat for play time and germ-free snacking. Not only can your kids pack and carry their own toys, they won’t have to bug you to reach under your seat or worse, in the overhead compartment every five minutes. Anything that...

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Oh you sneaky nursing top, you

I love the convenience of a nursing shirt but I hate that they scream “nursing shirt” when I’m not actually nursing my baby. So if there’s a top that will actually leave people guessing, it’s the amazing kimono nursing top from Isabella Oliver. This super smart and truly gorgeous shirt has a snapped opening just under the bust line (or a bit lower depending on how far postpartum you are) that’s covered by strategically wrapping an attached sash over it when it’s not in use. So basically it allows you to nurse discretely without compromising your style. Now don’t...

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BookSwim – Like Netflix for books

I used to collect books the way other people collect whatever it is they collect, but since having kids, my book-buying budget has been re-allocated to board books, and a trip to the library means sitting in a circle for story time. Then I found BookSwim, and I cursed myself for having not found it sooner. It’s like Netflix, except for books. Add titles to your pool in the order you’d like to receive them, then keep them as long as you like. If you can’t bear to part with a title, you can even buy it. You’ll find...

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Who needs a stroller when you’ve got a Cruizer?

With each successive child, it gets progressively more difficult to haul around my brood. I started with one of those gargantuan travel systems that’s more trouble than it’s worth. Then I moved on to the stroller frame that accommodates the infant carrier. But now I’ve found the greatest method of baby-hauling yet invented–the Infant Cruizer from GoGoBabyz. The Cruizer’s base accommodates Graco car seats, but it comes with adaptors to fit Britax, Combi, and Peg Perego models too. Just snap the infant carrier into the base and raise the handle to a comfortable height.  That’s it.  Really! The large,...

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There’s an exception to every rule: Family music even I can stand

I have allowed my children to invade nearly all areas of my life.  There are chicken nuggets in my freezer, tricycles in my driveway, and hordes of toys in every room of the house. But I admit I’ve drawn the line at listening to children’s music, even the undoubtedly fabulous selections featured here on Cool Mom Picks. My kids will listen to my own music and like it. But then I heard LeeAnn Anderson’s debut CD, Light As Air, and I had to make an exception. Black Eyed Peas made me giggle, Drift Away made me sing along, and...

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Ornaments designed by you, cast by experts

Every year for Christmas (yes, we’re thinking Christmas already) Santa tries very hard to bring my kids an ornament that is somehow representative of the past year. “Baby’s First Christmas” is a no-brainer, but what about those other occasions you may not find commemorated in the stores? The brains and pewter-casting ability of the talented folks at f. is for frank have come up with the answer: Visit their Etsy Shop and pick up a terrific Pewter Ornament Making Kit. It contains everything you need to make and bake your creation, which can then be sent back to them...

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