Hanukkah clothes that are actually cool? Who knew?

Trust me, finding cute Hanukkah clothes is as difficult as finding the correct way to spell Hanukkah. (Or is it Hannukah? Chanukah? Channuukkah?) So check out the super cute infant and toddler tees with handcrafted Menorah appliqués from Littleuni.com, who we already love for their more secular tees. They’ve just added holiday themed designs, like trees, ornaments and stars to their collection which are worth a look, even if you tend to hate holiday themed designs.

You can either have words like Happy and Joy embroidered over the appliqué or personalize it for your kids. And the t-shirts are so ridiculously soft I thought about asking when they were going to start making adult sizes.

Given that there are no toddlers afoot in my house, I suspect a few of my friends will be scoring big time this holiday season.–Betsy

Betsy Cadel is a blogger and marketing consultant, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks

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