Redefining Christmas: The gift that really keeps on giving

Holiday Snowman e-card from Redefine ChristmasMy extremely generous in-laws keep bugging me about what they can get me for Christmas, and quite frankly, unless it’s some magic bubble that I can place over my children so that they will healthy for longer than one week at a time, I’m really fine without receiving a holiday gift.

But since they insist, I’m asking them to give to my favorite charity instead, and Redefine Christmas makes it a bit more festive than just having them send twenty bucks to the Salvation Army. Simply choose a holiday e-card like the cute snowman seen here, fill in your information, and they’ll send it to a list of your friends and family with a diplomatic message: If I’m fortunate enough to be on your Christmas list, please consider making my present a donation to

Better my in-laws spend $25 on people who really need it this season, instead of $100 on stuff I’d probably return. I’m talking about you, velour tracksuit. -Kristen

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