Month: May 2008

Getting Funky for NOLA

Do you ever listen to music and think, "Seriously, how do people make these kinds of wonderful sounds?" Me too. And I just did when I checked out Funky Kidz: Kinda lame name, but pretty great album. Funky Kidz features a collection of nostalgic favorites with yummy Crescent City flavor that’s all perfectly suited to children. Songs like You’ve Got a Friend in Me, Hokey Pokey, Yellow Submarine, and my personal theme, If I Only Had a Brain. I guarantee you’ll know 80% of the songs on there by heart (listen for yourself), but you’ve never heard them like...

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A New Bugaboo for 1/10th the Price

Okay so I admit to a little stroller remorse with my Bugaboo. Not that I don’t love it (I really, really love it) but I’m getting a little tired of the red after three years. Which is also why it’s a good thing that I never got a tattoo.  But wait, maybe I can freshen things up economically with Bonne Bonnets and their beautifully made canopy covers. Made by two smart mamas to fit the Frog, Cameleon or Geco, it’s like having a brand new Bug for just 90 bucks. There are currently ten fabrics to choose from and...

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Wrapping the Baby Like a Burrito. An Organic Burrito.

I’ve been a champion of swaddling since my first baby. Transforming a wiggly little newborn into a baby burrito does wonders to settle him–and me–down. Since my new baby boy is the wiggliest of all three of my kids, I keep a swaddling blanket handy at all times. The new Organic Solana Swaddle Wrap is easily one of my favorites. CMP has already tipped readers off to Solana’s oversized squares of sheer, breathable knit cotton which are so large and stretchy that even a swaddling novice can get it right. But now there are several styles made from 100%...

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Bracelets for moms with a lot to say

I’m the one who always buys the blank greeting cards and leaves at least two voice mail messages because I talk waaaaay longer than the one minute time limit. So when I saw the four sided personalized skinny cuffs from Aqua Beet I did a double take. Designer and mom Amy Volchok will take your inscription (Kids’ names and birthdates? Inspiring poem? Favorite Bon Jovi chorus?) and create a lovely personalized bracelet. If you’re less verbose than I am, then consider just doing something on one side or two, or even put a few together into a set. Rest assured that "skinny"...

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