Yo! Crochet, Crochet

Yo Gabba Gabba Crochet DollsThe Yo! Gabba Gabba infatuation has reached a fevered pitch in my household, as my 19 month-old can now say “DJ Lance Rock” better than she can say Grandma. Which is no slight to Grandma. In fact, Grandma was cool enough to devote the better part of the winter break trying to crochet the Yo! Gabba Gabba amigurumi doll set for my children’s enjoyment, thanks to my pleading, and the crochet kit from Crafty is Cool

These are definitely patterns for experts – if you’re handy with the crochet hook, a soft, loveable, not-made-in-China Brobee can be yours. If you’re not so handy, spend the extra cash and have the artist make them for you.

Now I have to go and get that Don’t…Don’t…Don’t Bite Your Friends song out of my head. –Liz

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  • Reply June 3, 2011

    Another Grandma

    so where can I buy the crocheted Yo Gabba Gabba character patterns?

  • Reply September 2, 2011

    pam parsons

    Love them been crocheted for over years

  • Reply January 6, 2012


    Ditto. Where can I buy the Yo Gabba Gabba crochet doll patterns? Thank you.

  • Reply March 26, 2012


    i would like to purchase these patterns for yo gabba gabba too–my 1 year old granddaughter LUVS these silly characters 😉

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