Horoscope baby tees for people who kind of hate horoscope baby tees

capricorn baby setI’m not a horoscope junkie, which means you probably wouldn’t catch me wearing a Taurus necklace. But when I found the Starpower newborn baby astrology sets at WishWrap I fell in love a little.

These simple onesie and hat sets highlight your kid’s sign in a really fresh way– instead of the typical zodiac graphics, one of your child’s positive astrological traits is listed under a complimentary graphic. You’ve got to agree that a picture of the earth under Making the world a better place is waaaaay cuter for a Libra baby than some scale.

If you’re into this astrology thing – or even half into it like me – the sets are a nice way of celebrating a kiddo’s sign without looking like he just crawled out of a new age shop. -Kristen

Congratulations to Wishwrap twosie set winner, Kim B!

Cool Mom Staff

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