$10 dresses, made in America. Or wherever you are.

Little girls' peasant dressThere’s a whole lot of kids’ clothes we feature here that must inspire the craftier moms among us to proclaim I could make that myself. Well la-di-da for you– not all of us are so very skilled that we could “make that ourselves” without it looking like something out of a tenth grade Home Ec class.

But then Linda Trent comes along and gives us a little cheat: DIY dress kits including the pattern, the pre-cut fabric and the accessories you need to make peasant dresses, cowboy skirts, and versatile tunics. She even includes the thread.

Total cost for a brand new dress for your little girl? $10-$15. And it’s not even made in Cambodia. –Liz

Find these childrens dress patterns and kits at Little Fish Big Pond.

Congratulations Amy Y, Michelle C, and Tiffany L – lucky winners of their own DIY dress kits!

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