The Modern Baby Company: Designer baby bedding you can actually afford

Modern Baby Company kids' beddingIt’s so nice these days that a modern mama has more choices when it comes to nursery bedding and accessories– even more so than I did nearly (eep) four years ago when I became a parent. And with the proliferation of all this great mod decor, you know what that means? Yep, better prices.

We loved Quilt-Baby when we found them a year ago, and now I think I love them more as The Modern Baby Company which offers a much wider range of US-made baby gifts and decor, all about 50% less than comparable items from the high-end modern kids’ brands.

Mom/owner Jesseca Bellemare has designed a covetable collection of onesies, beautiful crib sets, toddler bedding, and of course their original baby blankets. You can even get a collection of all of the above, complete with stretched canvas art work if you’re into the matchy-matchy thing.

Just think, we’re raising a whole new generation that will be able to appreciate good design from day one. That’s got to be worth $38 for a fitted sheet, right? –Liz

Find a great range of modern baby bedding, blankets, and baby accessories at The Modern Baby Companyand get a free coordinated baby bib with any purchase over $35! Just mention CMP in the notes section at checkout.

Congratulations to Liana C, lucky winner of the gift pack from the Modern Baby Company!

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