Rabbit season. Duck season. Rabbit season. Duck season.

Duck! Rabbit! Duck! Rabbit! is the newest book
from the prolific Amy Krouse Rosenthal who you might know for children’s books like Little Pea or even her wonderful adult book, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. In this case, she’s teamed up with pirates-and-monsters
artist Tom Lichtenheld to breathe new life into the duck/rabbit optical

Are those phalanges a duck’s bill or a rabbit’s ears? Is the eye
facing left or right? The (heated) discussion continues between two unseen narrators on every page.

Though she has no opinion regarding whether it’s a DUCK! or RABBIT! my daughter likes it best
when I change up the voices. Sometimes we use regional dialects.
Sometimes we go international. I find the Elmer Fudd voice to work best for the
rabbit fan.  -Rita

Get the kids’ book Duck! Rabbit! at Amazon.

Rita Arens is the blogger of Surrender Dorothy, Deputy Editor for Blogher.com, the force behind the parenting anthology "Sleep is for the Weak," and a former Cool Mom Picks contributor.

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