travel guide
Nothing can turn our family vacation sour faster
than arriving at the airport only to find out
it’ll be five hours before we can board the plane. That’s why I could
kiss the people at for thinking of parents like me
when they put together a comprehensive, absolutely free, online
2009 Kids’ Airport Diversion Guide. (Warning, that’s a pdf there.)

Listing airports in 24 major
U.S. hubs and 10 international airports from Dallas to Hong Kong, I can
use my cell phone or laptop to look up an airport quickly, which is
important when I’ve got one eye on a couple of kids. The Airport Diversion Guide not only lists
the all-important kid play areas, but also has some
tips for what to do after the play area has lost its luster — or what
you can do with the kiddos if the airport hasn’t even bothered to put a
kid play area in at all. (For shame!)

While several major airports have a great array of things for kids, I think that some
major U.S. airports (coughJFKcough) would be smart to follow in
their family-friendly footsteps. Because, really, no one wants to see what my kids dream up as entertainment in a public place when they’re bored. -Christina

Download the free 2009 Kids’ Airport Diversion Guide pdf  from before you take off on your family vacation, or, access the
file via the internet while at the airport by clicking on Travel Tips, and then the Air Travel
and Families link where you’ll find the guide.