Flipflops for kids of the non-sucky variety

Kids' flip flops from pedipedMy daughter has a thing for flip flops these days, probably because she sees me wearing them all the time. So I did a dumb thing and bought a cheap pair of kids’ flip flops from a big mall store. I think these mall flip flops are made of sandpaper and barbed wire. My kid is miserable every time she puts them on. So my mom, of all people, found a pair of flip flops for kids from Pediped who, frankly, I didn’t even know made flip flops. (Thanks for showing me up, mom.)

The shoes are soft and flexible and the part between her toes doesn’t bother her a bit. Plus I love the little detachable ankle strap that lets us turn them into proper sandals when we’ve got farther to walk.

I had a hard time finding the flip flops on the Pediped website at first, because they’re called “Ryan” and apparently,
they’re “for boys.” What, girls can’t wear brown? It’s a neutral! –Liz

Find the Pedipeds Ryan flip flops for toddlers and kids online at Pediped

Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.

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