EVA Shower Curtain
Thanks to the lovely stench of PVC shower curtains, I absolutely dread buying new ones. I’ve always sworn those things have got to be at the top of the environmentally unfriendly list.

Turns out, I was right. So here’s an awesome alternative – EVA plastic shower curtains at Lavish and Lime. At just over $20, these affordable shower curtains are made without PVC, so that means no stinky toxic plastic smell and better, no chlorine gases released into the atmosphere. I’m digging the patterned “Koko” curtain shown here, or they’ve also got plain clear shower curtains, aptly named “Hitchcock.” It would be easy to love them just for that.  -Kristen

Find a selection of PVC-free EVA plastic shower curtains, along with a slew of other eco-friendly housewares and gear at Lavish and Lime.

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