Playday Sunscreen from Noodle & BooWith a few sunscreens for kids in the ol’ sunscreen basket these days (yes, I finally got organized enough to put all the bottles in a single place – whoo! Super Mom!), I have found myself reaching for the children’s sunscreen from Noodle & Boo more often than the others. Oh sure, it could be in part because I feel swanky every time I pull the pretty packaging out of my diaper bag. But don’t think so.

The pediatrician-tested SPF 30 formula goes on smoothly and evenly, and my kids don’t end up leaving oil slicks in their wake. The hypoallergenic formula hasn’t bothered my more sensitive-skinned younger daughter at all, which is always a plus. I also like the gentle scent, because I’m really not a fan of the ones that make my kid smell like a pina colada on spring break.

In fact, I like pretty much all the children’s bath and skincare products from Noodle & Boo that I’ve tried so far – I bet that Special Delivery baby gift set would make an awesome baby shower gift at just $35.

One more reason to check out the brand? The company’s commitment to social responsibility, charity and the environment. Not surprising considering it’s got a mom at its helm. Moms are just so cool, aren’t we?  –Liz

Find the Play-Day SPF 30 Sunscreen and other skincare for children online at Noodle & Boo

Extra -Cool: Enter to win a $100 gift certificate to Noodle & Boo when you enter their Daddy and Me Photo Contest for Father’s Day. Details on the site.

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