I can bring home the bacon, I can wipe your butt with one hand

Modern diaper clutch with one-handed wipe dispenser My childless co-workers are intrigued by my ability to open almost anything with one hand. I did not possess these mad skillz when I was a new mom. So while the diaper clutches from Kristi G Diaper Bags touted the “EZ-Wipe System,” I was apprehensive. (And not just because it sounded like something more suited to a car wax than a chic accessory.)

As it turns out, I admire the bag’s modern look, stylish cloth and fancy-schmancy G hardware, and seriously, one-handed wipe removal.

Zippering it all back together does take two hands, but by that time, the poop situation is under control, right? Handbag lovers, meet your diaper clutch. – Rita

Get your diaper clutch from designer Kristi G.

Rita Arens is the blogger of Surrender Dorothy, Deputy Editor for Blogher.com, the force behind the parenting anthology "Sleep is for the Weak," and a former Cool Mom Picks contributor.

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