Little girls' dresses by Pink Chicken - Fall 09
Yes, I know that the dresses from Pink Chicken are not the least expensive in all the land, but I’ll tell you why I love them beyond nearly anything else in my girls’ wardrobe:

They’re well made, the styles are adorable and I can toss them in the wash along with the cheap stuff. But beyond that, I get so much use out of them because after they’re too small to wear as dresses, the flowy, flouncy shape continues to look fantastic over leggings or jeans as a tunic. My two-and-a-bit year-old is still wearing a 12-month size dress as a top and I will rue the day she grows out of it.

Check out the gorgeous new fall styles like the school-ready Isabelle dress and Tess dress shown here, both with an elasticized cuff that keeps the long sleeves out of the Rice Krispies in the morning. Or check out a four-season option like the embroidered navy chambray dress and grab a snap cardigan to complete the look when things get chilly.

As they will. Before you know it. –Liz

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