Toothbrush sanitizer and adorable – two phrases not often heard together.

Zapi UV toothbrush sanitizerKids' toothbrush sanitizerYou don’t even want to know where I find my kids’ toothbrushes. I’m delighted that they love them so much that they carry them all over the apartment, but still. Ew. So when I discovered the Zapi toothbrush sanitizer from VIOlight I was like, sign me up.

The Zapi is like the illegitimate baby of a Weeble and one of those nail salon UV germ-zapping machines. I love the modern colors and sleek shape, while my kids love sticking their toothbrushes in there and clicking the button — hopefully more they than they love sticking their toothbrushes in the bath toy bucket.

If your kids need a little more incentive, there’s a brand new Zapi-POP and Za-Za-Zapi (shown) with a cute little smiley face, and a Zapi-Doodle (also in pink) that comes with stickers of various facial features, Mr. Potato Head style, so kids can make it their very own.

Does it work? I don’t have my own independent testing lab to verify that it kills up to 99.9% of germs as is claimed. But Oprah seems to be a fan and I hate to admit it, but that carries a little weight. –Liz

Find the  Zapi line of toothbrush sanitizers from VIOlight

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