Because everyone needs their Momey

Aminals Momey dollI hope that we’ve proven time and again that a child’s favorite doll may not be the one with the perfect skin and the perfect nose and the perfect wardrobe and the $100 price tag. In fact the Aminals Organic Momey doll is stealing hearts these days for far far less.

This “Momey” is a squishy plush mommy doll whose look (and evidently name) is based on children’s drawings. Even though my kids never see me trotting around with red nails and a minidress, they knew this was “me” instantly.

For any doll that I know they’ll keep close, I am comforted knowing that the fair-trade Aminals are made from 100% organic cotton and natural veggie dyes with unbleached and unprocessed organic cotton stuffing, and it feels as comfy as a favorite old tee-shirt. Of course I was a bit distressed to hear that Momey is compostable too.  Although I suppose there comes a time when kids grow up and no longer need their Momey close at hand. Hold me. -Christina

Find Aminals Organic Momey (and three other styles) dolls at Wild Dill And save 15% with discount code COOLMOM09

Congratulations to Pam W., and Cindi H., lucky winners of an Aminals doll!


Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee. Not in that order.

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