Child labor – yet another benefit of parenthood

Child Labour Tea TowelsI have to appreciate any shop with the cajones to put out something called the Child Labour Collection; but then again, I’d expect nothing less from our irreverent friends across the pond at Twisted Twee.

I’m laughing at the silkscreen tea towel featuring a rewards chart that suggests washing the cups and saucers are worth 10 minutes of TV, and the cutlery earns one extra bedtime story. But what I really like are the towels that say Princesses Dry it Best and This is a Job for Dryer Man! Grab one of each, give your kids their “special towel,” and put your legs up while they demonstrate their tableware-drying prowess. You’ve earned it.

And so will they. –Liz

Find the hilarious Child Labour Collection from Twisted Twee.

Cool Mom Staff

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