Dreaming of spring. Or heck, just a day above freezing around here.

splendid littles dressI adore Splendid‘s adult line for myself. And when I first discovered they applied trademark stripey, stretchy, soft clothes to a babies and kid line (thanks to a cousin with great taste in shower gifts), I got a little more tingly than one should get over such things. Even their solids are so beautifully tailored and drape so exquisitely that we get compliments on a solid blue t-shirt dress from Splendid Littles all the time. Go figure.

What’s fun is that now Splendid Littles is moving into (gasp) florals. And one of our favorite mom-run shops, Arte Bebe, has a lovely baby girl dress from Splendid Littles in sweet green for babies, plus a yellow dress for older girls. It’s a good mid-priced designer dress (at least by NYC standards – the rest of you may think I’m nuts)  and the kind of easy style that you’ll get a ton of use out of: Over leggings in spring, jeans in fall, and all by its lonesone in summer.

If such a season is ever to happen. I do believe! I do, I do! –Liz

Find a great selection of Splendid Littles for babies, boys and girls at Arte Bebe where you can save 15% through 3/30 with discount code CMP15 (all caps)

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