A good reason to Dwink up

Juice box holder by Dwink to benefit Raven and LilyI’m still not sure why parents with white couches and white carpets put juice boxes out at their children’s parties except maybe, they like a challenge? A few years back we discovered the awesome Dwink Boxes which keep kids from squeezing the middles and forcing all that lovely purple juice up the straw and onto everything.

If you need an excuse to buy one, check out the new Special Edition Dwink Box just out today. The white color is sleek, and I love those raised bubbles. But more importantly, all of the net profits are being donated to the non-profit design studio of another one of our favorite Shops, Raven + Lily, which benefits women in other countries by creating micro-business opportunities for them.

Who knows, maybe one of those women will end up designing their own rugs that you will buy one day, never to have your children spill their juice boxes on it. The universe works in mysterious ways. –Liz

Purchase the Special Edition juice box holder online at Dwink, and learn more about Raven + Lily at their website.

Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.


  • Reply March 23, 2010


    My son just started drinking out of juice boxes – and the Dwink would be really helpful. I’m just wondering if your kids really keep the pouch/box in the Dwink Box. I feel like my little one (he just turned 2) would just take it out. Any experiences you could share?

  • Carrie
    Reply April 3, 2010


    Just bought 2! I was looking for something like this and the price is perfect.

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