Computer games for toddlers that we can get behind

free toddler games from KneebouncersI first discovered Kneebouncers about a year or so ago, back I was looking for easy toddler computer games that my kids could play on their own. But since then, the completely free computer games for toddlers website has undergone a pretty hefty makeover, adding everything from free coloring page downloads to an online shop to my favorite part – more awesome games.

Created by two dads with seven kids between them (phew!), Kneebouncers offers a slew of simple games and learning exercises that only require your little ones to push one button on your keyboard. Or if you’re my 17 month-old, a gigantic hand slap on a combination of 6 different keys. The games include basic letter, number, and shape identification, along with silly, fun cause-and-effect activities that just feature balloons popping, guitars strumming, or funny fish swimming.

The combination of the cute sounds, adorable graphics, and bright colors is a recipe for age-appropriate computer fun that doesn’t rely on TV show characters to keep it interesting. How refreshing. -Kristen

Check out the free toddler computer games at Kneebouncers.

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  • Reply April 8, 2010


    What a great find! My 4 year old loves this site. Thanks for the info.

  • Reply June 4, 2010


    We LOVE Kneebouncers! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve woken up to “Mommy, I want to play the police car!” So fun and cute.

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