Hipstamatic – A photography blast from the past

Hipstamatic iPhone ApplicationI’m far from a photography expert, and admittedly, the only camera I use anymore is my iPhone.  While every now and then I get a great picture with it, I often feel bad that the only pictures of my kids are taken with the sub-par quality of a camera phone. That is, until I discovered Hipstamatic.

I first stumbled upon it while perusing uber mom-blog Dooce, and admired Heather Armstrong’s photos thinking they were taken with some fancy pants camera. But then when I found out it was an iPhone application, I definitely had to check it out.

This super cool iPhone photography app adds a filter to make your pics look like they were taken with one of those awesome old plastic cameras. For $1.99 you get three lens types, a choice of films, and two flashes, all of which you can play around with quite easily–even if you usually need a map and personal instructor just to use a point n’ shoot camera. You can always add additional packages for $.99 if you find yourself addicted. And you will.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010In other words, for about $5, you can get every component to the application, and pretty much turn every iPhone snapshot into something worth saving.

What I love most is that it completely eliminates any issues with blurriness that you might get with the iPhone camera, which is nice when there’s just no way to take a picture of your kids three times in a row to get it right. Awesome. -Kristen

Purchase the Hipstamatic iPhone application at iTunes.

[thanks heather and cecily; photo by Cecily K]

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  • Reply April 19, 2010


    I’ve noticed a facebook friend/acquaintance of mine uses this app, but I didn’t realize it was for iPhone — thanks! Love, love, love. And great to know it helps with iPhone blurriness, an issue I feel I encounter often. Awesome, indeed!

  • Reply April 26, 2010

    tada1 shop

    this is seriously cool. some of my favorite shots of my kids are from my iphone but quality is so lacking! going to download app right now.

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