When your baby cares enough to send the very best

Alternate Greetings Mother's Day Card from BabyMy husband has Mother’s Day pretty easy these days since my kids are now old enough to make me a card all by themselves. But giving a card from a little baby– aside from the little foot print signature that most parents are not brave enough to attempt–is a little tough.

Alternate Greetings has a way better option, with their new, hilarious Mother’s Day cards from the baby. A few babbles and a couple drools (in the copy of course), and you’ve got the perfect way to celebrate mom from your baby.

Just remember that along with an adorable card and breakfast in bed, babies also think mom needs a gift certificate to the spa too. It’s a proven fact. –Kristen

Find a slew of funny Mother’s Day cards at Alternate Greetings. And mention CMP to get free shipping on all orders through 5/5! Hurry!

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  • Reply May 3, 2010

    Shelli Myers

    LOVE these and they are ones you would want to hang on to! Too funny!

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